A Multi-Billion Dollar Industry: Who is Watching the Video Game Market?

There’s little doubt about it: video games have become a mainstay of the consumer entertainment industry. Every year, millions of individuals, from a wide swath of age groups and demographics, will individually spend $60, or more, to own and play the latest video game releases. Tense competition between video game console manufacturers and video game producers – all vying for a piece of this multi-billion dollar industry – ensures that there are no shortage of promises, promotional deals, and special offers all directed at today’s gamers.

But what happens when those manufacturers and producers don’t live up to the promises they make?

Over the past year, Edelson PC has filed a number of class action lawsuits on behalf of gamers, all seeking to hold the video game industry accountable for its conduct. Case in point: in November 2011, Edelson attorneys filed a putative nation-wide class action lawsuit in the Superior Court of California against Electronic Arts (“EA”) and Sony Computer Entertainment America (“SCEA”) – two of the “biggest of the big-league” players in the video game industry. As alleged by the class action complaint, EA and SCEA made, but didn’t honor, a promise to gamers in promotion of the much-hyped video game release for “Battlefield 3” for the PlayStation 3. Through the lawsuit, Edelson sought relief for the many hundreds of thousands of gamers who took EA and Sony at their word, but didn’t receive everything that they were promised. The case, which received a landslide of positive press coverage within the video game industry, has been resolved.

Attorneys at Edelson continue to monitor the industry, communicate directly with individual gamers about their experiences and frustrations as retail consumers, and look to keep the booming video game business honest.

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